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When looking at concrete coatings for your Northern Colorado industrial concrete floor, think low maintenance, improved efficiency, cost-effectiveness, aesthetics, and longevity. There are definitely many things to think about when preparing and doing a coating. Consider the downtime, return to service, where should we start, and also do we need to consider if a non-slip surface is necessary.

Commercial Coating

A coating can be applied to about any desired thickness. It is used in areas where ponding water is a problem and oil spills or other corrosive chemicals such as skydrol fuel and cleaners. Depending on what the product is rated for determines which one or ones will be used. Most coatings I deal with have a very high taber abrasion and work well in environments with heavy traffic. If you are thinking of coating, remember it has very high reflective ratings: as much as 300% and it is usually re-coatable. Applications over old concrete coating are likely the best choice because you can fix and cover-up cracks, spalls, bolt-holes and more to create a seamless and uniform floor.

Commercial Polishing

With polishing, it hardens and densifies concrete by up to 40% to create a very durable, more scratch resistant surface. Polish is becoming the trend thanks to it being more environmentally friendly. In polishing, you can see the character more and it can sometimes even be very appealing. One benefit of polish is quick return-to-service.

Why Preserving & Protecting?



Low MaintenanceEasy to clean, no concrete dusting from foot traffic or forklift traffic.
Improve EfficiencyClean environment improves worker moral which in-turn will yield better results from employees.
Cost-EffectiveIf planning to keep a nice looking floor then prepare to pay more with many inexpensive options compared to once from a company with lasting results.
AestheticsAdd lines, signs, and markings for a professional appearance.
LongevityWe help you engineer a coating to withstand the test.
Non-SlipA coating not only provides slip-safety but also gives a higher wear-resistant floor.
Return to ServiceDepending on the situation, return-to-service can be huge. With the improvement of chemical make-up and design return-to-service with a coating can be faster than you may think. With polish, when the guard-coat is dry it can be teturned-to-service right away.


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