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Greeley, CO Concrete Coating Services

Most of our residential customers in Greeley ask us to protect the concrete surfaces. The average Greeley family owns two vehicles, which are commonly heavy-duty vans, trucks, or SUVs. We specialize in protecting their garages from abrasions, impact damage, and chemical spills with high-quality and long-lasting epoxy garage floors.

We can also resurface and protect the floors in other parts of your home or place of business apart from the garage. Our commercial coating customers often want us to safeguard their infrastructure investments by applying high-quality epoxy to loading bays, sidewalks, and automotive repair areas

Commercial Polishing Service in Greeley

Our List of Services

Here are the Different Services We Offer!

Epoxy Garage Floor Coatings

You may not realize it, but your garage withstands tremendous amounts of abuse. Without a durable epoxy coating, the underlying concrete that serves as the foundation of your garage will sag and develop dents and cracks.

Our garage coatings contain 100% solids as hardeners. Our equipment doesn’t generate a lot of noise and dust, and our epoxy and polyaspartic coatings are low in fumes.

Commercial Coatings

A well-maintained commercial floor sends a subliminal message to your clients, co-investors, and customers that you care about their welfare. Businesses with well-groomed and organized workspaces are statistically proven to generate more repeat customers and drive more productivity from employees.

Concrete Coatings

We can coat all types of interior concrete surfaces with high-quality epoxy, bolstering their defense against impact damage, dents, and abrasions. We are the number one garage floor resurfacing contractor in Greeley, CO.

Epoxy Flooring

Our epoxy garage flooring is four times stronger than other leading solutions such as acrylic. We can apply it to hallways, and other concrete surfaces to keep them looking brand-new for decades.

Polished Floors

Chip Concrete Coatings

Our technicians can hand-cast vinyl chips to add texture and character to your floors. The design options are endless. Our designers can work with you step-by-step to ensure you have the aesthetic you want.

Why Choose Con-tek Coating and Polishing?

Our many years of experience and commitment to stellar customer service have made us one of the highest-rated contractors for residential and commercial epoxy floor coatings in Greeley, CO. We offer:

-One-day epoxy installation and refinishing

-UV-resistant and anti-slip additives to make wet areas safer

-Decades-long warranty on many types of residential and commercial projects

-High-quality epoxy and polyaspartic products with 100% solids

If you call us for a consultation, our technicians will give you a free on-site inspection to assess your flooring needs and provide an accurate cost estimate. We can also discuss the differences between epoxy and polyaspartic coatings and help you decide which one is best for you.

How We Work

Our cost- and time-efficient work process has made us the top choice for residential and industrial clients in Northern Colorado. Here’s how we put your time and money to good use.

We’ll smooth your floors using industrial diamond grinders and shot blasters to eliminate protrusions and debris. We use powerful vacuums to minimize dust.

We’ll fill any cracks, holes, and fissures on your floors with branded fillers and menders.

Our technicians will apply a high-performance epoxy or polyaspartic base coat to protect the underlying concrete from moisture, chemicals, and sudden impacts.

We’ll hand-cast decorative vinyl chips to give your floor some uniqueness and character. You can customize your floor’s color patterns and designs.

After the epoxy coat cures, we’ll remove any loose and protruding vinyl chips to create a seamless finish that’s ready for the sealing coat.

We’ll apply a transparent topcoat to protect the base coat and the decorative chips from weather damage and general wear and tear.

What our clients Says

Scott Ficarra
Scott Ficarra
Austin and his crew are great! We had a urethane concrete install done in our brewhouse and it came out better than expected.
Ken J
Ken J
I hired ConTek for my new garage floor epoxying. Austin and his team did great job. Their job quality was high and detailed, made me felt they were working for their own garage. They also are nice people to work with. Thank you, Austin and your team.
Jake Herzanek
Jake Herzanek
Highly recommend these guys, very responsive, great price and quality work!
Elizabeth Lake Ledoux
Elizabeth Lake Ledoux
Austin and his team did a great job talking us through the process and helping us to come up with the right floor for us. Very satisfied with the finished product!!
Lexi Richardson
Lexi Richardson
Con-tek Coating did an awesome job on my garage floor and it is now a show garage! I would recomend them in a hearbeat.
Jason Oakes
Jason Oakes
Austin did a fantastic job! He is very quality conscious and will go out of his way to make things right. He is a good honest person to work with.
Joan Blossom
Joan Blossom
We had our garage floor coated in January, 2022. Taken from their website, "Our goal as a company is to provide Reliability, Honesty, Quality, and meet Deadlines on every job.", was certainly delivered. They were courteous, on time, and committed to doing the job right. We certainly recommend your calling Austin for a quote!
Butch Caton
Butch Caton
Patsy Holmes
Patsy Holmes
Austin was very accommodating to our needs, worked hard, & did quality work.
Paul Woods
Paul Woods
Austin with Con-tek did fantastic work with the epoxy coating of a three car garage floor! I would highly recommend using Con-tek for your concrete finishing and polishing needs.

Serving customers in the Weld County, CO area, we follow rigorous standards to be sure that your new floor is of the highest possible quality.


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