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Whether you want to admit it or not, owning and managing a restaurant is a very demanding role. Not only do you have to supervise several employees, tend to countless eating customers, and coordinate deliveries, inventory, and more, but you also have to care for your property. 

And the reality is that a restaurant floor can take a consistent beating. Waiters and patrons are always walking on it, chairs and tables are constantly shuffling around, and food, liquids, and silverware can fall onto the floor. If your restaurant floor isn’t built to handle the daily hustle and bustle that inevitably comes with a restaurant, it will quickly fall apart—costing you money to repair it and missed revenue with the wasted time.

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Our Flooring Solutions for Restaurants

Don’t let your restaurant be held back by its floor! Reinforce and protect your restaurant surface with Con-Tek Coating & Polishing. From significant floor renovations to small repairs, we’re your go-to team. And with our customized solutions and personal consultations, we’ll be able to craft a surface to your liking no matter the restaurant space, design, and more. 

Commercial Coatings

Strengthen your floor with a commercial concrete coating. We use either an epoxy or polyurea coating to properly adhere to the concrete and fortify it from abrasions and more. Additionally, our coatings thoroughly seal the concrete to keep water and liquids from sitting beneath the surface.

Commercial Polishing

If you have an existing concrete floor, there’s a good chance it’s due for a commercial concrete polishing. Over time, concrete—because it has small openings—can let dirt, water, and more enter the surface and erode it from the inside. So, polishing the concrete refines it back to its old shine and strength. 

Solid Color Epoxy Coatings

If you want an extra-strong and attractive floor, then solid color epoxy might be for you. With an added hardener, solid color epoxy takes traditional epoxy to the next level. It also comes in several color options, which means you can have the perfect color to complete your restaurant.

Epoxy floors

Why Coatings or Polishing for a Restaurant?

Concrete coatings or a concrete polishing give your restaurant a leg up over the competition. Hungry patrons aren’t just impressed from the moment they walk in, but you and your employees are happy to work on the surface. 

Other traditional flooring options don’t hold up well. Dirt, stains, and mold can build up with continual use, which means your staff will have to put more effort into keeping it clean. A concrete coating, for instance, actively fights off dust, dirt, and more. So, the occasional cleaning—as opposed to the daily, vigorous cleaning—does a lot more while saving you all time and energy.

Expert Installation and Maintenance Services

In addition to enhanced appearance and durability, a professionally-installed coating can last for years, even decades. You’ll get the most out of your flooring surface with our expert installation and maintenance services. With our industry-leading 6-step process, you can breathe easy knowing your floor’s in great hands.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Restaurant Flooring

We’re sure you and your team have a handful of questions about upgrading your commercial kitchen flooring. Browse below for our helpful answers to some of your frequently asked questions

Con-Tek Coating and Polishing, your 5-star-rated Colorado contractor, has been transforming homes and businesses for almost 15 years. You won’t find another company that prioritizes reliability, honesty, and quality like our professional team. Don’t settle for cheap, subpar floors and discover the Con-Tek difference for your restaurant.

The best restaurant floor is one that is stain-resistant, durable, attractive, and long-lasting. Nothing matches these qualities like an epoxy or polyurea concrete coating. Our professionally-installed coatings can last for years and are designed to hold up against the daily restaurant ruckus.

A lot of restaurants can vary in their flooring options. Some use tile, cork, hardwood, vinyl, or laminate flooring. But the problem with these floors is that they let dirt and dust sit, fail against water and stains, and quickly fall apart. A strengthened concrete floor fights against all the above and more.

When deciding what floor to have for your bar, you need to consider the look, hygienics, and maintenance. With an epoxy coating or concrete polished, you can have a sleek, attractive floor to invite everyone into your establishment. Plus, you won’t have to constantly clean and maintain the floor, like other surfaces.

Just at the end of your serving or cooking shift, the last thing you want to do is thoroughly clean the entire kitchen and restaurant floor. But with traditional options, such as tile or vinyl that collect dust, you’ll inevitably have to do this all the time. When you choose a low maintenance floor with a concrete coating, you’ll instantly notice less dust, stains, and dirt. So, you can do a quick sweep and go home after a long day.

What our clients Says

Scott Ficarra
Scott Ficarra
Austin and his crew are great! We had a urethane concrete install done in our brewhouse and it came out better than expected.
Ken J
Ken J
I hired ConTek for my new garage floor epoxying. Austin and his team did great job. Their job quality was high and detailed, made me felt they were working for their own garage. They also are nice people to work with. Thank you, Austin and your team.
Jake Herzanek
Jake Herzanek
Highly recommend these guys, very responsive, great price and quality work!
Elizabeth Lake Ledoux
Elizabeth Lake Ledoux
Austin and his team did a great job talking us through the process and helping us to come up with the right floor for us. Very satisfied with the finished product!!
Lexi Richardson
Lexi Richardson
Con-tek Coating did an awesome job on my garage floor and it is now a show garage! I would recomend them in a hearbeat.
Jason Oakes
Jason Oakes
Austin did a fantastic job! He is very quality conscious and will go out of his way to make things right. He is a good honest person to work with.
Joan Blossom
Joan Blossom
We had our garage floor coated in January, 2022. Taken from their website, "Our goal as a company is to provide Reliability, Honesty, Quality, and meet Deadlines on every job.", was certainly delivered. They were courteous, on time, and committed to doing the job right. We certainly recommend your calling Austin for a quote!
Butch Caton
Butch Caton
Patsy Holmes
Patsy Holmes
Austin was very accommodating to our needs, worked hard, & did quality work.
Paul Woods
Paul Woods
Austin with Con-tek did fantastic work with the epoxy coating of a three car garage floor! I would highly recommend using Con-tek for your concrete finishing and polishing needs.

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