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Without the help of regular maintenance, concrete floors can be a hassle to keep looking as good as new. They are prone to crack, chip, and stain over time, leaving them to look unfinished and unprofessional. Even when they are pristine and without damage, concrete floors don’t have the color, shine, or aesthetic value to make your floor a real centerpiece.

That’s why if you have a concrete floor in your home or business, a commercial polishing service should be the first thing on your mind. Concrete polishing can be the most effective way to bring life back to your drab concrete floor and have it looking better than ever. For the residents of Windsor, CO, and the northern Colorado area, there is no better team to handle your commercial polishing service than Con-tek Coating and Polishing.

For over 10 years, our team of flooring experts has been bringing the benefits of polished concrete floors to our customers and we bring that experience to every customer we service in Windsor, CO.

Discover how commercial coatings can play a role in sustainability and find out more about the benefits they offer.

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Our Process and Services

Concrete polishing sounds like a simple enough process that involves not much more than making your concrete floor a bit shinier than the day you installed it. And while our services make bringing polished concrete floors to your home or business hassle-free on your end, our work goes much deeper than just adding polish to the floor.

In addition to smoothing out and bringing some shine to the concrete’s surface, our team will also address specific spots of the floor that are significantly damaged. That means filling in whatever cracks that have formed in the concrete, smoothing out the dents and uneven surfaces, and providing you a completely even floor with a shine you will want to show off.

If you want more from your commercial polishing than a shiny and smooth floor, Con-tek Coating and Polishing offers color staining options as well. Traditional concrete can look dull and colorless relative to some floors, which is why our team wants to bring you design choices and make sure you never have to sacrifice aesthetic appeal for practicality.

The Role of Commercial Coatings in Sustainability

The Benefits of Commercial Polishing

There is an undeniable visual appeal to having a commercial service polish concrete floors in your business or home. Not only will you be left with clean, unblemished floors, rid of any imperfections, but that floor will have a lasting concrete shine for years.

Plus, there is more that Con-tek Coating and Polishing’s services have to offer than a simple boost to visual appeal. While a beautified look is one reason to have polished floors in your home, there are other benefits as well.

Polished Floors

Improved Safety

Not only are cracks and dents in cement floors unappealing to look at, but they can be a safety hazard as well. Deep blemishes in the concrete can prove to be legitimate tripping hazards, but a commercial polishing service can handle them effectively.

Polished cement can boost the traction of your floor as well. Despite its appearance, cement floor polish is slip-resistant, meaning fewer accidents are caused by slipping on a wet area if you polish cement floors.

Easy to Clean and Maintain

Cleaning an unpolished concrete floor is a headache waiting to happen and one that comes back more often than you would like.

Stains form quickly and stick around on traditional concrete floors, and imperfections show up due to the fragility of concrete. Worst of all, concrete floors will produce dust that will not disappear no matter how many times you sweep it away.

Concrete polishing can help remove these persistent issues from your floor and make the overall cleaning process more manageable. Polished concrete prevents cracks and stains from forming and keeps that layer of concrete dust away for good, meaning the only maintenance you will need to perform on these floors is occasional sweeping and mopping.

Where To Use Commercial Polishing Services

Commercial polishing can be a great way to enhance the safety, practicality, and appearance of wherever you have a garage. So if you want interior polished concrete floors, Con-tek Coating and Polishing can help you today.

Have Your Concrete Floor Professionally Polished

Commercial polishing is one of the most cost-effective ways to add visual and practical appeal to a concrete floor. If you’re looking to polish concrete floors in your home or your business, there is no better team in northern Colorado to handle the installation than Con-tek Coating and Polishing.

We have been offering residents of Windsor​, CO, premier concrete polishing services with more than 10 years of experience. Whether for a small home or a large office, there is no project that we will not take care of for you at an affordable cost. Along with Windsor, CO we serve in the following regions;

What our clients Says

Scott Ficarra
Scott Ficarra
Austin and his crew are great! We had a urethane concrete install done in our brewhouse and it came out better than expected.
Ken J
Ken J
I hired ConTek for my new garage floor epoxying. Austin and his team did great job. Their job quality was high and detailed, made me felt they were working for their own garage. They also are nice people to work with. Thank you, Austin and your team.
Jake Herzanek
Jake Herzanek
Highly recommend these guys, very responsive, great price and quality work!
Elizabeth Lake Ledoux
Elizabeth Lake Ledoux
Austin and his team did a great job talking us through the process and helping us to come up with the right floor for us. Very satisfied with the finished product!!
Lexi Richardson
Lexi Richardson
Con-tek Coating did an awesome job on my garage floor and it is now a show garage! I would recomend them in a hearbeat.
Jason Oakes
Jason Oakes
Austin did a fantastic job! He is very quality conscious and will go out of his way to make things right. He is a good honest person to work with.
Joan Blossom
Joan Blossom
We had our garage floor coated in January, 2022. Taken from their website, "Our goal as a company is to provide Reliability, Honesty, Quality, and meet Deadlines on every job.", was certainly delivered. They were courteous, on time, and committed to doing the job right. We certainly recommend your calling Austin for a quote!
Butch Caton
Butch Caton
Patsy Holmes
Patsy Holmes
Austin was very accommodating to our needs, worked hard, & did quality work.
Paul Woods
Paul Woods
Austin with Con-tek did fantastic work with the epoxy coating of a three car garage floor! I would highly recommend using Con-tek for your concrete finishing and polishing needs.

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