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Every industrial kitchen is a fast-paced environment. Waiters coming in and out screaming orders, chefs zooming back and forth to make the best food, and pots and pans flying around. It can be a lot.

And if your commercial kitchen isn’t built to withstand this, it can eventually fall apart. More specifically, your floor can erode, stain, and crumble—leaving you with a long list of repairs (plus the lack of revenue you’ll have with a shutdown kitchen). Strengthen and protect your commercial kitchen floor with Con-Tek Coating & Polishing.

Our Flooring Solutions for Commercial Kitchens

From large scale projects to minor repairs, Con-Tek has got you covered. And with our customized solutions and personal consultations, we’ll be able to craft a floor to your liking no matter the kitchen space, food storage, design, and more. We pride ourselves on working correctly with you.

Commercial Coatings

We specialize in epoxy and polyurea concrete coatings for commercial properties. You can engulf your flooring surface with an ultra-strong, protective layer that makes stains and cracks a thing of the past. With heavy-duty thickness, the post-shift clean-up is a lot easier compared to other, traditional flooring options.

Commercial Polishing

Concrete over time can wear down. After all, concrete is porous, so water and dirt can hide underneath the surface, causing it to deteriorate. When this happens, a commercial concrete polishing is in order to refine and reshine your industrial surface. We can get your flooring surface back to its original strength and luster with polishing.

Solid Color Epoxy Coatings

Solid color epoxy takes the traditional epoxy to the next level in terms of aesthetic and durability. With an added hardener, solid color epoxy is stronger than your average epoxy coating. And with several color options available, you can have a floor designed to your liking.

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Why Coatings or Polishing over Traditional Tile or Vinyl Flooring?

When considering what floor to utilize for a commercial kitchen, too many people stick to the traditional options of either tile or vinyl flooring. What they don’t realize is that tile or vinyl is costing them time in extra maintenance, money because it deteriorates quicker, and appearance with its bland, drab colors. 

Concrete coatings bring a fresh, reimagined perspective to any property, especially a commercial kitchen. Coatings are sealed to keep water and liquids from staining the surface, dirt and other material from lingering, and the floor in great standing. On top of that, a professionally-installed coating lasts for decades and boosts the entire room’s appearance, which means you’ll get more money out of your flooring surface.

Expert Installation and Maintenance Services

The results all come down to the professional process. Only the experts—with the right experience and equipment—can install a floor that lasts for years and years. With our industry-leading 6-step process, you can breathe easy knowing your floor’s in great hands.

Why Choose Us for Commercial Kitchen Flooring?

Don’t settle for subpar floors and cheap, poor-quality coating contractors. Entrust the pros who have been renovating homes and businesses in the state of Colorado for nearly 15 years. As your local, 5-star rated company, we consistently provide reliability, honesty, quality, and meet deadlines everytime. No excuses.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Commercial Kitchen Flooring

We’re sure you and your team have a handful of questions about upgrading your commercial kitchen flooring. Browse below for our helpful answers to some of your frequently asked questions.

What Type of Flooring Is Best for a Commercial Kitchen?

The best type of flooring for a commercial kitchen is one that’s stain-resistant, slip-resistant, long-lasting, durable, and good-looking. The only floor that meets all of these needs is an epoxy or polyurea concrete coating. These coatings can last for decades and are thoroughly sealed to withstand all of the daily ruckus in the kitchen.

Is an Epoxy Floor Good for a Commercial Kitchen?

An epoxy floor is great for a commercial kitchen because it has multiple layers to stay intact that are sealed to stop water and other liquids from penetrating the surface. Plus, its durability holds up against constant footsteps and objects (like pots and pans) from falling onto it.

What Type of Tile Is Used in Commercial Kitchens?

Quarry tile is the most common tile used for commercial kitchens. However, quarry tile constantly collects dirt and stains, making the after-shift clean-up all the more difficult. 

What Is the Lowest Maintenance Kitchen Floor?

The lowest maintenance kitchen floor is the one that actively fights against stains and the build-up of dirt and mildew. And that’s an epoxy or polyurea concrete coating. This type of flooring requires effortless and little clean-up.

What Is the Disadvantage of Epoxy Flooring?

The only disadvantage to epoxy flooring is that it can be a bigger investment. Of course, it’s not as expensive of an investment as replacing an entire concrete floor. With the enhanced property value, long-lasting nature, and minimal clean-up enabler, epoxy is worth every penny.

How Do I Choose Commercial Flooring?

The best way to choose your flooring is to get in touch with your local and top-rated concrete coating contractor, like Con-Tek Coating & Polishing. Our professional and courteous team is happy to talk you through every step of the process to easily and affordably transform your commercial property.

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