Are you wondering whether concrete polishing might fix the cracks in your concrete surfaces? You’re in the right place.

Below, the Con-tek Floors team discusses polished concrete and what property owners can expect from these surfaces long term.

How Professionals Repair Concrete Flooring

All concrete flooring cracks eventually, first as it cures and then as the foundation settles into place. Why? Concrete has low tensile strength, which means that stress factors easily affect its composition.

Some cracks that cause chipping or that spider out may need professional intervention. For example, the floors will require some maintenance before polishing or benefiting from any concrete coating systems.

Professionals like Con-tek Floors can polish most concrete without repairing the surface first. However, our professionals will always thoroughly examine the floor before beginning any work on the project. We will discuss what the property owner wants, including how the floor might look if they choose to live with certain lines or blemishes beneath the surface.

The process of repairs before polishing is simple:

When the floor cures, our professional grinds and polishes the repaired crack’s surface to match the rest of the flooring. Then, we continue with normal concrete polishing services.

More About Polishing Concrete The Right Way

The process of polishing concrete takes about a day and a half to complete. A professional like Con-tek Floors will prepare the floor by evening out dents and repairing cracks. They also thoroughly clean the floor before applying any flooring materials.

Polishing relies on diamond abrasives to even out minor blemishes, using finer and finer grits until the floor comes to a shine. It takes finesse and lots of experience to achieve a perfect effect, and they know just when to switch grit size for maximum shine. After that, our team will apply a sealant to the concrete flooring for durability.

Visually, the sealant absorbs into the concrete’s pores and is undetectable in the final aesthetic. The beauty of the floor comes from additional features like:

The Many Benefits of Polished Concrete Floors

Is concrete polishing affordable? Absolutely. The attractive floor system is a great investment if you want a floor that lasts for years with little maintenance and impressive durability for high-traffic areas.

Polished concrete has several benefits, including the following:

It is a great idea to use a stain, as this seeps into the pores of the surface to last much longer. Even when the concrete chips, the floor is unlikely to lose its color with the stain embedded so deeply. Polishing concrete also adds several benefits over untreated concrete floors for a worry-free foundation that enhances any home or workspace.

So, Does The Polishing Process Repair A Concrete Floor?

The polishing process alone does not fix cracks in concrete. However, the right company will be sure to fix any cracks before they begin polishing the surface. Additionally, a team like Con-tek Floors can polish concrete with cracks still in it when the unique visual effect is attractive to that particular residential or commercial property owner.

Repairing cracks in concrete floors is a simple process but needs some skill and experience to perfect. At Con-tek Floors, we have years of training and experience in getting a floor to precisely the right condition and smoothness to handle an epoxy coating or another floor coating option. Why not consider what you want to use the floor for to see whether one of our epoxy concrete coating systems would suit your needs?

Polishing is an excellent choice for concrete floors for the following reasons:

Would you like to know more about our concrete flooring options? Call Con-tek Floors at (970) 632-0648 today for more about concrete polishing, stain options, and more in Fort Collins, Greeley, Longmont, Loveland, and Windsor, CO. 

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