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What are concrete coatings?

Commercial Floor Coatings

Our epoxy floor coatings are a concrete resurfacing option that is installed over existing concrete floors for both interior and exterior concrete. All of our coatings are installed by hand (we do not use any stamps), thus giving our clients a true, one-of-a-kind floor. We install a wide range of flooring systems such as: 100% solid epoxy, concrete stain, acrylic cement, and rubber based products.

Clients have the ability to customize any coating with our various color options and design techniques. Concrete Coatings are used not only in residential, but industrial and recreational settings as well. ConTek Coating uses only the highest quality, industrial products on the market to ensure every customer is getting the best value.

Discover how commercial coatings can play a role in sustainability and find out more about the benefits they offer.

Our List of Services

Here are the Different Services We Offer!

Commercial Coatings for Businesses

As a business owner, you want to keep your establishment looking its best so customers feel welcome and comfortable. However, keeping your floor in pristine condition is easier said than done. Floors are prone to all sorts of unsightly dents, cracks, scuffs, and stains. If they become noticeably flawed, they turn off customers and decrease your business’s visual appeal. If you want to keep your property’s floors in immaculate condition in Windsor, CO, you need a professional commercial coating from Con-tek Coating and Polishing.

Con-tek Coating and Polishing is Windsor, CO’s source for high-quality commercial concrete coatings. We provide superior epoxy floor coatings that protect your floor from unsightly stains, cracks, dents, peeling, and more. Our commercial flooring works great for indoor workplaces. If you want your business to reach its full potential while giving it unmatched protection from physical and environmental damages, our commercial concrete coatings are for you.

We have extensive experience installing floor coatings in various business establishments, including:

  • No matter your type of business, Con-tek Coating and Polishing has a commercial floor coating to take your establishment to incredible new heights.
  • Along with Windsor, CO we serve in the following regions;
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The Best Epoxy Commercial Coatings in Windsor​, CO

Our epoxy floors can withstand nearly anything life throws its way. They are exceedingly durable and can withstand most high-velocity impacts with ease. You won’t have to worry about everyday wear and tear taking away from your business’s allure, thanks to our first-rate epoxy flooring.

At Con-tek Coating and Polishing, we believe you shouldn’t have to decide between style and protection. Our epoxy coatings provide outstanding protection while keeping your establishment looking chic and elegant. We offer several stylish designs and color schemes that will have your commercial property looking better than ever. Our installers can even add decorative color flakes to your floor, customizing the floor to your exact liking.

Polished Floors

Better-Than-Epoxy Floor Coatings

Despite Epoxy’s outstanding protection and charming allure, it isn’t the best commercial concrete coating we offer. Our team also installs terrific polyaspartic floor coatings that give your floors even more protection

More Robust Than Epoxy

Polyaspartic floors provide everything you know and love about epoxy with even more benefits. They’re stronger than epoxy, enabling them to absorb more damage. In fact, they are one of the most scratch-resilient floor coatings on the market today!

UV and Fade Resistant

Unlike epoxy, polyaspartic coatings won’t yellow or fade from sun exposure.

Commercial Floor Paint

Unmatched Traction, Even When Wet

Keeping your employees safe is always a business owner’s top priority. That’s why our polyaspartic floors provide exceptional traction, even when wet. Your employees can move across the wet polyaspartic floor without worrying about potentially dangerous slips and falls. They also have an antimicrobial barrier that prevents hazardous bacteria from forming in susceptible areas. Germs, mold, and other unsavory bacteria don’t stand a chance against our polyaspartic floors.

Fast and Easy Installation

One of the best aspects of our polyaspartic floor coatings is how easy they are to install. While epoxy often takes days to dry, polyaspartic coatings dry in less than 24-hours. You’ll be able to enjoy your new commercial floor coating to the utmost degree just hours after installation.

The fast installation time allows you to continue running your business with minimal interference or intrusion. Our contractors use the best techniques to ensure you receive a high-quality commercial coating in record time. Whether you need polyaspartic flooring installed in your massive warehouse or the company break room, our team has the experience they need to give you a first-class commercial floor in less than one day.

Easy to Maintain

Polyaspartic floors are some of the easiest to maintain. They don’t demand overpriced cleaning products and are fully stain and chemical-resistant. Most substances wash away almost effortlessly with everyday soap and water. You can finally kick hideous chemical stains to the curb with our sensational commercial coatings

Exceptional Commercial Floor Coatings with Extraordinary Customer Service

Nothing is more important to the Con-tek Coating and Polishing team than providing astonishing commercial floor coatings with unmatched customer service. Our team prioritizes your needs and does whatever it takes to give you a qualified floor coating as quickly and efficiently as possible.

We answer any questions you might have while providing expert advice on coating upkeep, longevity, and more. Our contractors always treat your establishment as their own, ensuring your business stays protected during the installation process.

Con-tek Coating and Polishing only uses the best tools and techniques to install your new commercial floor coating. We never skimp on lackluster materials that leave your floor looking less-than-stellar. At Con-tek Coating and Polishing, we believe you deserve the best, and we aim to deliver. You can always expect top-notch service while using our commercial floor coating services.

What our clients Says

Scott Ficarra
Scott Ficarra
Austin and his crew are great! We had a urethane concrete install done in our brewhouse and it came out better than expected.
Ken J
Ken J
I hired ConTek for my new garage floor epoxying. Austin and his team did great job. Their job quality was high and detailed, made me felt they were working for their own garage. They also are nice people to work with. Thank you, Austin and your team.
Jake Herzanek
Jake Herzanek
Highly recommend these guys, very responsive, great price and quality work!
Elizabeth Lake Ledoux
Elizabeth Lake Ledoux
Austin and his team did a great job talking us through the process and helping us to come up with the right floor for us. Very satisfied with the finished product!!
Lexi Richardson
Lexi Richardson
Con-tek Coating did an awesome job on my garage floor and it is now a show garage! I would recomend them in a hearbeat.
Jason Oakes
Jason Oakes
Austin did a fantastic job! He is very quality conscious and will go out of his way to make things right. He is a good honest person to work with.
Joan Blossom
Joan Blossom
We had our garage floor coated in January, 2022. Taken from their website, "Our goal as a company is to provide Reliability, Honesty, Quality, and meet Deadlines on every job.", was certainly delivered. They were courteous, on time, and committed to doing the job right. We certainly recommend your calling Austin for a quote!
Butch Caton
Butch Caton
Patsy Holmes
Patsy Holmes
Austin was very accommodating to our needs, worked hard, & did quality work.
Paul Woods
Paul Woods
Austin with Con-tek did fantastic work with the epoxy coating of a three car garage floor! I would highly recommend using Con-tek for your concrete finishing and polishing needs.

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