Imagine you’re a home or business owner in Weld County, Colorado, unhappy with your current coating situation. Your surfaces might be falling under the pressure of years of wear-and-tear and peeling and cracking before your very eyes. If that’s the case, it’s time to make a change. With years of hands-on coating experience, Con-Tek Floors is ready to make a difference in your life. Your floors need to be able to resist heavy foot traffic and the elements, and settling for a lesser coating option could spell personal disaster. Concrete shot blasting could be just the solution to all of your problems and could serve as the foundation for an upgrade. As a property owner, you don’t need to have unappealing and unfinished surfaces; you only deserve the best; that being Con-Tek Floors.

What is Shot Blasting?

Shot Blasting Concrete is a process that can help repair and revitalize your floor. Shot Blasting resurfaces and levels concrete using a machine with a wheel that blasts through debris and uneven surfaces. The process is safe and comprehensive, leaving customers with a new floor.

The Process of Shot Blasting

Shot blasting machines use an airless centrifuge blast wheel to shoot metal beads down on the concrete at a high velocity. Then, the wheel spins, funneling the beads directly at the concrete, chipping away the topcoat, and creating debris. The debris is sucked into a dust collector as the metal beads cycle back into the machine, leaving a smooth and revitalized surface.

Advantages of Shot Blasting

Shot blasting is an affordable method for people who want to reconstruct and repair concrete coatings. Especially with a commercial property, shot blasting can add value by refreshing the place. The team at Con-Tek Floors is trained and ready to perform all of your shot blasting needs.

Why Choose Con-Tek Floors

Con-Tek Floors is a company owned and operated out of Greeley, Colorado, as we continue to uphold our commitment to excellence in the community. Austin Boeckner founded Con-Tek with his father and brothers. As the years have passed, Austin has continued the legacy of the family business by expanding the company to different parts of the United States. Con-Tek Floors provides several services, from epoxy floor installations to garage floor coatings to quartz flooring; our team handling each installation is trained and trusted to complete a high-quality installation. The Con-Tek Floors team always hits our customers’ expectations and deadlines as a show of good faith and a standard of excellence we strive towards. Customer satisfaction is the main priority for our team, as we want to leave our customers smiling and stress-free after each job.

Con-Tek is not a franchised business, as we didn’t want to get away from our company’s roots. Con-Tek stands for honesty, quality, and reliability and consistently strives to find unique solutions for each installation. We utilize a trusted six-step process to complete our concrete coating installations and offer a ten-year residential warranty for our residential installations.

Get a Free Quote

Con-Tek Floors is the best option for all your concrete coating-related tasks in Weld County, Colorado. The highly trained team at Con-Tek Floors is ready to assist on nearly any job; from interior to exterior installations, the crew is here for our customers. Additionally, Con-Tek Floors doesn’t want to ballpark our customers when we price installations; instead, we want to work with our patrons to find a price that doesn’t leave your wallet. At Con-Tek Floors, we will work quickly to ensure the job meets the desired deadline without sacrificing the quality of excellence that has accredited our company for years. Whether it be a garage floor coating, commercial polish, industrial floor coating, or concrete leveling, Con-Tek Floors is up for the job. Call Con-Tek Floors at (970)-632-0648 or visit our website for your free quote today.

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