It’s time to start taking control of your fitness, and you have the perfect space ready to go. Converting your garage into a home gym gives you extra living space and a convenient workout area. Best of all, you never need to worry about expensive gym contracts or waiting to use the equipment.

We want you to start your gym on a firm footing, which means starting with the right flooring. In this article, we’ll look at setting up your garage home gym from the ground up.

Choosing the Best Spot

Check your garage house plans and see if you have enough floor space already. If not, are there walls that you can remove to create more space? Will all your equipment fit comfortably?

In terms of your exercises, do you have enough vertical height to lift barbells high? Can you perform pull-ups and stretch out properly?

Is there space to store the equipment? Do you need an additional changing area and maybe a shower? Prioritize the features that will make your garage gym work best for you

Garage Coatings for Your Dream Gym

Now that the basic home designs are out of the way, it’s time to protect your floor. You’ll need a durable floor that can withstand the impact of dropped weights and foot traffic. Ideally, there should be a little bounce on the floor to cushion your feet if you’re skipping or running.

You also want a surface that is easy to clean. Sweat, water spills, and marks from running shoes can cause significant damage to luxury carpets, so it’s better to look for something more practical.

Tiles are easy to clean but are likely to chip or crack if you drop a dumbbell. Epoxy flooring offers you an ideal surface for your garage home gym. It’s:

Epoxy flooring comes in various color and design options, making it a versatile tool for converting your space.

What Workouts Will You Do?

Now that we’ve dealt with the garage coatings, we get to the fun part. It’s time to create zones within your gym. First, decide what types of exercises you will perform.

Do you need a spot to run or skip in place? Where will you place your machines? You might, for example, line the walls with your devices, leaving space in the middle for extra cardio.

You can also delineate the space properly with the use of floor mats. A slightly thicker mat is ideal for areas where you’ll perform exercises with more impact. The squishy pile will absorb some of that impact, reducing the load on your joints.

What Equipment Should You Get?

As far as garage equipment goes, we recommend setting up sections for:

You don’t need to spend a fortune. Tempting as it is, buying every gadget out there will not get you fit. Choose the gear you will use rather than something that is trending.

There is no need to rush your acquisitions. Start with the basics, and plan on building up your equipment collection as you go.

What Accessories Should You Add?

Lastly, it’s time to personalize your garage home gym. Think about things that will be useful while working out, like a curl bar or weight vest. Consider items that allow you to get in a quick session when you don’t have time for a complete workout.

The idea is to be excited about heading to your gym daily.

Decor Options

Your new gym should motivate you, so don’t leave it drab and dreary. You can start with a killer floor with a 3D metallic design to lift the space. After that, you can add small touches to make the place your own.

Decor touches include:

You could, as time progresses, consider additional renovations to upgrade your space. You might, for example, add a sauna or hot tub to relax after a hard day.

Speak to Con-tek Floors to Launch Your Gym Successfully

High-quality flooring is crucial when tackling a renovation or room transformation. Start your garage home gym the right way with floor coatings that can handle the abuse. At Con-tek floors, we have experience providing durable, UV- and moisture-resistant floor coatings to various surfaces.

Call Con-tek Floors at (970) 632-0648 to get your free estimate today.

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