For different homeowners, the garage serves many purposes. For some, it may just be the place they park their cars. For others, the garage is merely a storage space, and for some, the garage is used as a workshop, gym, or man cave. No matter what you use this area in your home for, it is too often overlooked when it comes to proper care.

If your garage floors have begun looking dull and unappealing, you should consider garage floor coating. Give your garage the makeover it deserves if it is beginning to show these common signs of wear and tear.

Cracked Concrete

A telltale sign that you need garage floor coating is that your concrete has started to crack. The purpose of a garage floor coating is to prevent the cracking of your concrete. Therefore, if you previously had a coating that has begun to crack or you have no coating at all, this is your sign to upgrade your garage floors.

While one crack is no big deal, multiple cracks or cracks that have started spreading and multiplying can be damaging to your home. These cracks are generally caused by pressure applied to the floors or the earth shifting under your floors. Cracks should be filled and then protected by a coating that will strengthen the floors.

Uneven Floors

Uneven floors can be incredibly inconvenient. As mentioned above, the earth shifts. Without a protective coating, the concrete will move with it. This can make it challenging to work if you use your garage as a workshop. It could also become a potential safety hazard. If you notice signs of an uneven garage floor, contact the experts at Con-Tek Floors to come take a look.

Ugly Stains

It is inevitable that things will spill in your garage. Whether it is oil, water, or bleach, ugly stains can be left behind. This is not an issue that you need to worry about when you invest in garage floor coating. Garage floors are typically coated with a non-porous material such as epoxy.

Non-porous materials do not allow water to seep through and leave stains behind. Stains can be an eyesore. However, with garage floor coating, you do not have to worry about this. The non-porous nature of epoxy coatings allows for easy maintenance and clean-up. Your floor will be protected from unsightly stains and will look brand new again.

Upgrade Your Garage Floor Coating With Con-Tek Floors!

Whether you are looking for commercial, industrial, or residential floor coating services in Windsor, CO, Con-Tek Floors has got your back. If your floors are beginning to show signs of aging, give us a call. Our team can come to your location and discuss all your options as well as provide you with a free quote. For many years, we have served residents and business owners in Windsor, CO, and its surrounding areas with the best epoxy flooring solutions around. Let us help you give your garage floors the update they need!

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