Imagine you are a business or homeowner in the Greeley, Colorado, area and are unhappy with your current flooring situation. Your surfaces are cracking, consistently get stained, and are starting to peel. If this is the case, it is time to make a change. Without a coat to complete your surface, your residential or commercial property looks less than satisfactory. A proper concrete coating option can do wonders for a retail space, garage, or basement. With the crew at Con-Tek Floors, a brand new concrete coating is within reach. Our team of highly skilled professionals can complete a professional installation quickly while not sacrificing the expert craftsmanship that Con-Tek Floors is known for. There is no better time to change the trajectory of your floors than now. If you’re a commercial or residential property owner in Weld County and want to make a choice that will change your floors for the better, it is time to contact Con-Tek Floors, the most satisfactory option around.

Guide to Urethane Concrete

Urethane concrete is a coating option that is growing in popularity. Epoxy is another alternative for concrete coating and one that is well known. But just because something is well known doesn’t mean it is the best choice. Urethane is a suitable option for commercial or residential property owners looking to improve the performance and longevity of their surfaces.


Urethane is a coating that mixes polymer binder with cement and an aggregate to provide a smooth, comprehensive finish to your concrete. There are many benefits to installing the coating.

Customizable Coatings

Urethane coatings can reflect the unique sensibilities of the customer. Pigmented topcoats, primers, and additives blend with urethane to create a pattern or design that is entirely the customer’s own. In addition, urethane adds a distinctive, customized finish to your surfaces.

Quick Installation Process

The installation of urethane coatings is a quick process. Usually, the process takes one day to install with overnight curing. However, the team at Con-Tek Floors will work diligently to ensure an installation does not inconvenience our customers.

Slip, Chemical, UV, Moisture Resistant

Urethane concrete coatings are highly resistant to moisture and UV damage, primarily from the elements. Also, urethane is susceptible to chemical damage, so your commercial and residential properties will be safe. Urethane coatings also provide more traction, so friends or family members won’t worry about slipping on a slick surface.

Why Choose Con-Tek Floors

Con-Tek Floors is a family-grown, community-oriented company determined to provide the best service to Greeley, Colorado. Since 2010, Con-Tek Floors has delivered numerous services, from epoxy floor installations to quartz flooring to industrial floor coating; our qualified team can take on heavy-duty jobs. Con-Tek Floors always hits the deadlines required and answers the concerns raised by our faithful patrons. Con-Tek Floors focuses on consistent communication with our customers on every one of our installations to make sure your needs have been heard and attended to. With every Con-Tek Floors installation, the customer should feel as though they are satisfied with the service and would without a doubt contract us again in the future.

Additionally, Con-Tek Floors offers a ten-year warranty for our residential installations. If any cracking or peeling appears within a decade, we will come and fix the job without hassle. We are confident our installations will hold up far past the warranty.

Get a Free Quote

Con-Tek Floors is the best option for concrete coating installations in Weld County, Colorado. Whether it be a commercial or residential job, the team at Con-Tek is ready to assist with all of your flooring needs. Con-Tek Floors always tries to work with our customers regarding price, as we never want to leave our patron’s wallets dry. Our highly-trained team will be in-and-out quickly without sacrificing the high-quality standard we are known to uphold. Whether it be an industrial floor installation, a commercial polish, or a residential quartz floor, Con-Tek Floors will work hard to bring your home to fruition. Call Con-Tek Floors at (970)-632-0648 for your free quote, or visit our website for further information regarding meeting with our team.

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