Your concrete floor should not have to endure a dull, lifeless appearance. Without maintenance from industry professionals, a concrete floor can fall susceptible to cracks, nicks, stains, and general damage. All of that wear leads to an amateur, unfinished look. If you’re a home or business owner who’s invested money into your concrete floors, they deserve a shine that will light up a room. Commercial polishing is the job that will do just that and so much more. A retail polishing job will improve the look of your concrete floor and the safety and durability of it as well. The best option for a home or business owner’s concrete floor is a commercial polish; there is no better alternative.

What is Commercial Polished Concrete?

The Process of Commercial Polished Concrete

Our polish job is hassle-free, making it easy for the customer to be confident in their decision to have their concrete commercially polished. We start with filling in cracks formed in the concrete from general wear and tear. By filling in damages, the concrete will automatically look more professional. We then smooth out uneven surfaces and divots in the concrete, creating a smooth finish. Next, we polish the surface, creating a glossy finish. Afterward, our customers can choose different designs to make the concrete floor uniquely your own.

The Enhanced Safety of Concrete Floors

Aside from looking better, your concrete floor will be much safer with a commercial polish job. The cracks and divots that have resided in your concrete for so long don’t just look unprofessional; they are dangerous, too. Home and business owners shouldn’t worry about people tripping and injuring themselves when using your concrete floor. A commercial polish job smooths out these threatening obstacles, creating a safe, secure concrete finish.

The Professional Appearance of Polished Concrete

A commercial concrete polishing service can be the first step in bringing your concrete surface back to life. A worn-out, crack-ridden concrete floor is an eyesore and unprofessional at best. So, with a commercial polish job, your concrete floor can go back to looking slick and professional.

Effortless Preservation

Concrete polishing eliminates cracks, divots, and general wear that your concrete floor has endured. The stains that once eluded you are now gone from your view, with minimal care to preserve your concrete floor. Besides the occasional sweeping and mopping, the commercial polish should care for the problems plaguing your concrete surface.

Long-Lasting Polish

This commercial polish will not just save your wallet, but it will also save you from constant visits. Commercial polished concrete is durable and tough and won’t crack or stain under various weather conditions. In addition, commercial polished concrete is long-lasting, with a guarantee we won’t have to be back for a while.

Why Choose Con-Tek Floors

If you’re a northern Colorado home or business owner who wants to spruce up the look of your concrete floors, Con-Tek Floors is the best choice for a commercial polish job. Started by Austin Boeckner in 2010, Con-Tek has been offering reliable service to homes and businesses for over a decade. Originally founded in Minnesota, the company has expanded to the northern Colorado area, where we strive for a reliable, honest, and hard-working reputation. Con-Tek flooring works quickly but efficiently to hit our target dates consistently. Our service is intimate and thorough, ensuring our customers the best possible experience while working with us. Our team will work tirelessly to provide the commercial polish job your concrete floor has always deserved. Lastly, there is no more excellent option for a respected flooring polish by seasoned industry professionals than Con-Tek Floors.

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Con-Tek Coatings and Polishing’s is the best option for commercial facility owners in Greenley and the northern Colorado area looking to get the retail polish job that you can feel satisfied with while knowing you haven’t broken the bank. Keeping your floors aesthetically appealing is essential, and the team at Con-Tek Floors can do just that. Call Con-Tek Floors at (970)-632-0648 for a free estimate or email us at

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