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For business owners in Windsor​, CO, finding durable and safe industrial floor coatings for loading bays, machine shops, and factory floors can mean the difference between creating legal liabilities and making a profit.

Industrial concrete coatings will preserve the lifespan of your floors while keeping your employees safe from slips and falls. If you invest in high-quality industrial surfaces, you can avoid repair and maintenance work.

At Con-tek Coating and Polishing, our flooring experts know that your industrial floors are an essential part of your business infrastructure, so we provide only the most cost-effective and durable industrial epoxy floorings in the market. We have decades of experience upgrading and maintaining surfaces of various industrial facilities in Colorado.

We are the number one vendor and contractor of industrial concrete coatings in Windsor and the surrounding areas, and we are not shy about it. Our customers appreciate our portfolio of high-quality and cost-effective services, which allow them to aesthetically express their vision and character for their business while keeping their infrastructure budget to a minimum.

If you’re looking for “industrial floor coatings near me, ”check out a contractor with a stellar track record with industrial customers. Call Con-tek Coating and Polishing today, and we’ll give you a free, no-obligation cost estimate.

Discover how commercial coatings can play a role in sustainability and find out more about the benefits they offer.

Our List of Services

Here are the Different Services We Offer!

High-Quality Industrial Floor Coatings for High-Traffic Industrial Spaces

Many first-time business owners overlook the tremendous amounts of abuse that their industrial floors go through. Factory floors and R&D spaces withstand chemical spills, heavy foot traffic from hundreds of people wearing heavy-duty work boots, and impact damage from tools and crates falling on them every day. Without a durable epoxy coating, the underlying concrete foundations of most industrial buildings won’t last very long.

Your industrial floors are the foundation of your workplace. If you leave them unchecked and they sustain damage, your employees, industrial equipment, and vehicles will suffer the consequences. We receive one too many calls every year from commercial clients who learn this the hard way.

According to the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment, the state suffers from one job-related death every four days. Two leading causes are trip hazards and slick and wet floors that don’t feature anti-slip coatings. Brand-new and remodeled concrete floors in warehouses will naturally form cracks and unevenness as they settle, making them dangerous for employees that drive ride-on machinery every day.

Don’t let a damaged industrial floor lead to a workplace injury that could cause site-wide shutdowns and long-term repercussions for your bottom line. With industrial epoxy floors from Con-tek Coating and Polishing, you won’t have to worry about structural damage for decades.

We offer lengthy warranties on all our flooring jobs, including everything we do for:

Why Choose Epoxy and Polyaspartic Industrial Coatings?

Epoxy coatings are the top choice for many business owners across America. It’s cost-effective and long-lasting, able to withstand heavy foot and vehicle traffic for decades without forming any dents or chips. It’s also a favorite among contractors because of its long drying times that allow them to apply visual elements like paint and vinyl chips. 

Our technicians at Con-tek Coating and Polishing are skilled in handling numerous industrial coatings, but we often recommend epoxy to our industrial customers for the following reasons.

Hardiness. Epoxy is a high-performance coating that’s highly resistant to chemical burns, oil spills, and impact damage. It won’t crack even with thousand-pound industrial machines rolling over it every day.

Employee and customer protection. We can mix anti-slip, heat-resistant, and fireproof additives to our epoxy coatings to help your industrial structure conform to building codes. Epoxy is also reflective, which helps increase visibility.

Ease of use. Epoxy is easy to clean by sweeping, mopping and wiping. An industrial facility with epoxy floors will have significantly lower maintenance costs than one with bare concrete floors.

Beautification. Epoxy floors can transform your industrial facility from a monotonous space into a vibrant workplace where your employees can enjoy doing their jobs. Concrete foundations are one of the most underutilized design elements of commercial structures. You might be surprised how easily a slight change in scenery can improve employee morale.


While epoxy has many benefits, we may also recommend a polyaspartic coating for your industrial floor. Our skilled staff will be happy to discuss the differences between the two and help you pick the best option for your situation.

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What is Urethane Cement Floor Coating?

For the last few decades, industrial and manufacturing plants have turned to urethane concrete flooring systems. With thin mil coatings up through 1/2″ thicknesses of cement mortars in some cases, there is a system that’s perfect for any need or budget!

Hybrid epoxy-polyurethane combinations are often recommended where surfaces require easy cleaning with high aesthetics while being impervious; they work well on top condition but will show wear easily if not maintained properly so be sure you know what you are looking at before purchasing.

When you partner with us, we have a number of methods for installing your urethane cement flooring system.

For example:

The self-Leveling application requires fewer people on site and reduces project timelines significantly; however, self leveling may not provide as durable results than conventional alternatives such as roller applied or trowel applied installation techniques.

Our expert installers lay down the composite surface before adding in layers that are leveled off using rollers depending upon which method is more appropriate for each type of situation (e..g thicker vs thinner). They then finish everything off by spreading out excess material through various utensils like trolleys/rollers etc ensuring every square inch gets covered thoroughly enough so there are no gaps whatsoever! We also offer urethane cement systems in a wide range of colors to deliver a long-term flooring solution with a custom touch. By leveraging the benefits of both, our experts can deliver a total industrial flooring solution that resists heat, chemicals, and moisture.

One of the best aspects of our polyaspartic floor coatings is how easy they are to install. While epoxy often takes days to dry, polyaspartic coatings dry in less than 24-hours. You’ll be able to enjoy your new commercial floor coating to the utmost degree just hours after installation.

The fast installation time allows you to continue running your business with minimal interference or intrusion. Our contractors use the best techniques to ensure you receive a high-quality commercial coating in record time. Whether you need polyaspartic flooring installed in your massive warehouse or the company break room, our team has the experience they need to give you a first-class commercial floor in less than one day.

What Is Epoxy, and Why Use Industrial Floor Paint for Concrete Foundations?

When people say epoxy floors, they refer to the mixture of epoxide polymers and resins that professional contractors use to protect the foundations of residential, commercial, and industrial structures. Without a protective coating, concrete floors will easily sustain damage from direct exposure to sunlight, chemical spills, and abrasions, which can disfigure and discolor them.

At Con-tek Coating and Polishing, we offer only the best industrial epoxy floor coatings. They’re environmentally friendly and low-VOC, meaning they emit minimal fumes. You won’t have to pause business operations while we work.

Our industrial floor coatings are also self-priming. They can form a strong, natural bond with most flooring materials. We can coat steel, wood, and concrete with high-quality epoxy, extending their lifespan for decades.

Our broad range of industrial epoxy paints and vinyl chip decorations will let you mark out divisions without installing walls in your factories, hangars, and distribution centers. They can also turn your run-of-the-mill factory floors and break rooms into spaces that your workers will be glad to inhabit. Our UV-resistant additives make our industrial coatings ideal for outdoor on-site storage spaces and campus areas.

What our clients Says

Scott Ficarra
Scott Ficarra
Austin and his crew are great! We had a urethane concrete install done in our brewhouse and it came out better than expected.
Ken J
Ken J
I hired ConTek for my new garage floor epoxying. Austin and his team did great job. Their job quality was high and detailed, made me felt they were working for their own garage. They also are nice people to work with. Thank you, Austin and your team.
Jake Herzanek
Jake Herzanek
Highly recommend these guys, very responsive, great price and quality work!
Elizabeth Lake Ledoux
Elizabeth Lake Ledoux
Austin and his team did a great job talking us through the process and helping us to come up with the right floor for us. Very satisfied with the finished product!!
Lexi Richardson
Lexi Richardson
Con-tek Coating did an awesome job on my garage floor and it is now a show garage! I would recomend them in a hearbeat.
Jason Oakes
Jason Oakes
Austin did a fantastic job! He is very quality conscious and will go out of his way to make things right. He is a good honest person to work with.
Joan Blossom
Joan Blossom
We had our garage floor coated in January, 2022. Taken from their website, "Our goal as a company is to provide Reliability, Honesty, Quality, and meet Deadlines on every job.", was certainly delivered. They were courteous, on time, and committed to doing the job right. We certainly recommend your calling Austin for a quote!
Butch Caton
Butch Caton
Patsy Holmes
Patsy Holmes
Austin was very accommodating to our needs, worked hard, & did quality work.
Paul Woods
Paul Woods
Austin with Con-tek did fantastic work with the epoxy coating of a three car garage floor! I would highly recommend using Con-tek for your concrete finishing and polishing needs.

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