Concrete floors are tough and durable, but they do sustain damage over the years. One of the most common issues you have to contend with is cracks. And for that, you need a concrete crack repair solution that works—polyurea joint fill.

There have been numerous attempts over the years to repair cracks so that property owners can avoid the costly alternative of stripping the concrete and repouring the entire slab or surface. However, not many products did the trick until the industry saw huge advancements in polyurea technology.

Unfilled cracks or indentations expand to collect dust, dirt, and debris, contributing to allergies and other health issues. In facilities that handle food and medical materials, cracks in the concrete can also host moisture-bearing bacteria and provide conducive hideouts for pests.

Do you want more information about polyurea joint fillers? Read on to see how Con-tek Floors wields these fillers to make Colorado properties safer and keep them looking their best.

Digging Into Details: What Is Polyurea Joint Fill?

Joint fillers offer property owners protective material placed in the control joints of existing concrete. What are control joints? These are purposefully-created cracks, symmetrically cut into the concrete surface to allow for temperature and moisture movements.

Concrete is prone to drying and shrinking, so these joints keep your floor in good shape. Polyurea joint fillers are a special type of control joint fillers, which have grown in popularity.

What makes a polyurea filler so helpful?

Polyurea joint fillers are also a great option for increasing your commercial floor’s lifespan. It protects the surface against heavy traffic and prevents the buildup of dirt and moisture. It’s also a popular choice for industrial cooler and freezer applications, curing at temperatures as low as -30°F.

Why Choose Polyurea Control Joint Fill for Your Concrete Cracks?

Polyurea joint fill is versatile. While you can use it on residential floors, it’s also a perfect choice for industrial and commercial settings.

Warehouses and commercial spaces endure tons of abuse daily. If it’s not a forklift or other heavier-duty equipment moving across the floor, it is employees or customers. This continuous traffic creates immense friction and pressure that can adversely impact a floor but not a polyurea.

If you leave control joints unfilled, they’ll soon see the damage. Control joints are the most vulnerable elements of the concrete surface, so protecting them is critical. Filling the joints before they can accumulate detritus, moisture, or bacteria will also ensure the floor lasts longer with little to no maintenance.

Let’s take a deeper look into some of the notable advantages of polyurea joint fillers:

Innovative Fillers Are Durable

Polyurea fillers have proven to be a more robust solution for concrete cracks than many other options on the market. They provide an extra layer of durability, ensuring complete peace of mind that your commercial floor can handle anything thrown at it, including spills and dropped tools!

Polyurea Can Withstand Any Temperature

Colorado has one of the most unforgiving winters. But polyurea is a flooring material that allows application at any time of the year. It can cure effectively in temperatures as low as -20 degrees, whereas epoxy would require waiting for the temperature to rise to at least 32 degrees.

Polyurea Joint Fillers Are Quick to Install

Time is money and every minute counts in today’s construction industry. Every project must be prompt and efficient, and a polyurea joint fill will fast-track your construction project. It cures fast, ensuring your space will be ready for use within an hour from the time of application.

If you go for epoxy joint fillers, you’ll need to wait for at least six hours. And the fast cure times of polyurea also mean spending less on labor compared to other floor coating options.

High-quality Joint Fillers Look Better

Ordinary concrete loses its color over time. While the primary reason for this is constant exposure to the sun’s ultraviolet rays, some interior lights can also affect it. However, you won’t experience this problem with polyurea joint fillers, which have superior color stability.

Your polyurea filler will last longer and look amazing compared to other joint fillers and repair options.

Your Trusted Source of Commercial Polishing in Windsor

Concrete is one of the most used materials in industrial and commercial flooring, but it’s vulnerable to cracking. The best solution is polyurea joint filling products that are durable, temperature resistant, fast-curing, and easy on the eyes. Why not find out more about these high-quality flooring solutions from Con-Tek Coating and Polishing LLC?

Our extensively knowledgeable and well-equipped team can professionally install an epoxy base with UV-stable polyaspartic top coats, delivering unbeatable results. Plus, we provide a 15-year warranty for years of complete satisfaction and peace of mind. With our professional installers, you won’t think about repairing your floor for at least 15 years.

Are you ready to protect your commercial floor with polyurea joint fillers? Do you need assistance with deciding on the best flooring system? Don’t hesitate to drop us a line.

Call Con-Tek Coating and Polishing LLC at (970) 427-2788 today for a professional team that can address all your concerns about commercial coatings and offers the best solutions, including polyurea joint fill options in Windsor, Colorado.

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