At Con-Tek Coating and Polishing LLC, we often encounter clients who want to discover exactly what makes an epoxy garage floor coating so special. Our experts are here to demystify the science behind this cutting-edge coating solution and why it’s always worth the investment.

The Origin of Epoxy Concrete Coatings

Before getting into the nitty-gritty of epoxy concrete coatings, it’s essential to recognize that they are purely synthetic materials. In other words, they don’t naturally occur in nature and instead require a chemical reaction for creation.

The Russian chemist, Nikolai Prilezhaev, observed the first epoxy resin reaction in the early 1930s. The discovery later led more manufacturers and scientists to develop the durable and long-lasting product we know today.

Breaking Down the Basic Components of Epoxy

Epoxy has two main elements: a resin and a hardener. Experts often call these components A-side and B-side, respectively, due to their distinct textures and coloration when mixed together:

Some contractors apply additional chemicals to provide UV resistance or speed up the curing process, but this isn’t always necessary.

How Does Epoxy Form?

When you mix resin and hardener together, a chemical process takes place and produces an exothermic (energy-releasing) reaction. This is why epoxy becomes so hot and firm while it cures in your garage or basement.

The epoxy strongly bonds to concrete surfaces because of its unique cross-linking process. During this phase, the molecules form tiny links that provide added stability and durability.

The end result is a tough polymer surface with long-lasting color and shine. It will also resist stains, spills, and cracks while making the area much easier to clean.

The Downsides of Epoxy

While epoxy is one of the most durable garage floor coatings available, it does have its shortcomings. When exposed to sunlight for extended periods, the natural process of polymer degradation speeds up, meaning the surface might discolor or turn yellow faster than expected.

Another issue is that the epoxy weakens when exposed to high heat. This is why you rarely see pure epoxy floors in hot or industrial environments.

How We Use Epoxy Floor Coatings to Their Full Potential

Our team at Con-tek Floors always aims to deliver long-lasting and vibrant epoxy floor coatings for residential and commercial clients. That’s why we address the above issues with several effective strategies.

Using Premium Epoxy Products

Epoxy products have different grades. Some have 100% solids content, while others might contain high-performance additives, such as UV stabilizers or acrylic resins. Con-Tek Floors only applies the best garage floor coating that guarantees maximum performance and durability.

Measuring the Right Epoxy Thickness

Con-tek Floors uses different epoxy thicknesses to suit the needs of each client:

Applying Protective Topcoats

A multi-layer approach is always best when it comes to epoxy floor coatings. We always apply a well-formulated urethane or polyaspartic topcoat, which adds extra protection against wear and tear while preserving the color. It also makes the floor easier to clean and maintain.

Why Choose Con-tek Floors for Garage Floor Coatings in Greeley

Con-Tek Coating and Polishing LLC has over 13 of experience in the concrete industry. We always take great care to deliver top-notch results that meet our client’s standards. When you work with our team, you can expect the following:

Depending on your specific needs, the Con-tek Floors team can apply a single coat of epoxy or build a multi-layer system. Contact us today for more information, and get ready to experience the benefits of epoxy garage floors in your home or business!

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